Incentive Programs

From customized certificates to simple gestures of appreciation, check out our favorite ways to reward and encourage your students.


1. Create a tinkering center.

Students love to learn how things fit together and come apart. Gather some age-appropriate craft supplies, unused objects, and/or old tools from your school’s supply closet, and let students earn time at a tinkering station through good behavior.

2. Share kind words.

Whether they’re high school seniors or kindergartners, who doesn’t love getting a positive note sent home from the teacher? Simplify your work by creating a template that you can personalize according to the student and the behaviors you witness.

3. Give out coupons.

These free printable coupons will be hot commodities in your classroom. (Pajama day, anyone?) We suggest you include an expiration date and a no-transfer rule to ensure that all students have to earn these privileges.

4. Award stand-out students.

Celebrate small accomplishments and create special moments with these customizable certificates for all occasions.

5. Ask your classroom.

Crowdsource your next great idea! Show your students you care by taking the time to learn what makes them feel appreciated. Create a quiz that asks your students about their preferred forms of appreciation. You may find that some prefer kind words, others might enjoy quality time with you, and another might just want to pick a sticker from a box.

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