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If you’ve never considered a post-secondary teaching opportunity, this summer might be the time to start.


Did you know PK-12 educators can be excellent candidates for adjunct or associate faculty positions? If you’re looking to keep your teaching skills sharp this summer, consider the benefits of taking a position at a college or university.

Why should I consider post-secondary education?

For an off-season PK-12 teacher, a post-secondary teaching position offers personal and professional opportunities for growth.

Share your expertise

The knowledge and learnings you practice all year long are useful to students and faculty alike in a post-secondary setting. Use your highly developed classroom-management and teaching skills to make post-secondary curriculum engaging for a new set of students.

Meet professionals outside the field

As an adjunct professor, you’ll meet many instructors who, like you, are teaching part-time and have full-time jobs in other fields. Your colleagues might be local business leaders or other professionals who can help you further your career development in a new way — or you might even find a future guest speaker for your classroom.

Turn classroom skills into a paycheck

For many teachers, summer break means more time to earn extra money. Give yourself a leg up by finding a position in post-secondary education, where classroom management, curriculum development, and grading are tasks you’re well-versed in.

Develop yourself professionally

Teaching in a college or university is an excellent way to continue building your resume, especially if you prefer to stay hands-on in a classroom, rather than exploring leadership positions in your district office or elsewhere.

How do I get started?

These opportunities for in-person and online teaching positions can help you find the perfect post-secondary teaching gig.



  • Open to teaching online? Browse the HigherEd Jobs database for remote job opportunities from schools across the country.

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