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From tackling test anxiety to improving the testing environment, here are the tips you need now.


THE test is coming. These six ideas and resources will help your students better prepare for what can be a very stressful time for them (and you).

1. Many experts agree that a student’s test-taking skills are just as important as the student’s knowledge of the subject matter. This article on test-taking skills is a great resource for improving student confidence. Tip: Pay special attention to the SQR segment.

2. Engage NY provides free practice tests for grades 3-8. Remember that the value of a practice test doesn’t lie only in completing it, but in going through the test-talk afterward.

3. Have you ever had a student who knew the material but blew the test? Test anxiety is a major factor in student success. Check out these tips for addressing test anxiety.

4. The testing environment can play a huge role in student performance. As silly as it may sound, Pinterest offers a plethora of ideas for improving the test-taking environment, thereby increasing student comfort.

5. In need of some old-fashioned inspiration? These five Ted Talks are appropriate any time of year, and especially before testing.

6. Finally, regardless of how much students know about taking a test, they also need to do the obvious — learn the subject matter. Here’s a possible antidote: the best studying tips, according to research.

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