You can Google “gift guides” or take advice from your friends at the Arizona K12 Center. Here’s our 2018 wish list.


The holiday season is here! Regardless of what you and your loved ones celebrate, we’re guessing some shopping is on your December to-do list. Check out the Arizona K12 Center holiday gift guide, filled with items our staff is hoping to unwrap this season.

  • Mantrabands. This is a great gift for the bracelet-loving friend who takes motivation seriously. According to Danielle Brown, “It’s a great reminder to live the intentional life you wish to lead.”
  • GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration Tool. Don’t have time to hit the spa or visit an esthetician? Kristin Moon is ecstatic to try this new gadget, which touts benefits like bouncy, healthy skin. Say it with us: self care!
  • Travel yoga mat. Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, it’s beneficial to keep your physical fitness in focus. A light-weight mat is great for trips near and far.
  • Matching pajamas. Nothing screams holiday season like a family photo, but it’s even better when you’re in matching PJs. Cheryl Bokowski is absolutely on board for #twinning with her loved ones.
  • Fuse Reel Side Winder. Are you sick of your cords and cables getting tangled in your bag? Dr. Kathy Wiebke knows just what you need. “I bought this bad boy and I am much happier. I love it and am buying one for my sister,” she says.
  • Yearlong passes to the zoo, botanical garden, children’s museum, and aquarium are great ideas for loved ones with children. Be sure to read the fine print and alert the gift recipient of days they might not be able to use their annual pass.
  • Reusable silicone bags and beeswax cling wrap. Kendall Waite is all about going green. The Colorado native says, “I’m wishing for more sustainable products in my home and office this year. These two items will eliminate a ton of plastic waste.”
  • Children’s armchair. Nothing teaches your little ones to fall in love with literature more than good books and a new chair. Make reading a family pastime by buying one of these (and claim some bonus points if mom and dad have the same seat in the adult size).

If you’re looking for ideas for teachers, head on over to our previous wish lists here (one, two, and three). Happy holidays!  

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