winter break woes

You still have a couple days left to stay up late and sleep in, but it’s not too early to get prepped for going back to school. Read on and get ready with our simple tips.


Let us guess: You’re reading this on your couch while in your comfiest pajamas. Although the back-to-school grind is just a few days away, you don’t have to dread your daily, professional routine. Do these five things before Monday morning and we’re sure you’ll feel equipped to tackle 2018 with your colleagues and students.

  1. Treat yourself. Whether you’re a film fanatic, manicure maniac, or gadget guru, allow yourself to do something special to mark the end of winter break. The small splurge will be worth it when you waltz back into your classroom feeling celebrated and refreshed. Think of it as a send-off present or motivation to push through to summer vacation.
  2. Get your head in the game. Leave improvisation to dancers and comedians. Your students need you to show up energized and organized to take on the new year. Set aside at least an hour of time to mentally prepare for the lessons ahead. Be it one week or one month of material, putting your mind to the content will sharpen your skills.
  3. Be active. Yes, sleep and relaxation are critical for teachers during winter break, but there’s nothing worse than shocking your body back to reality (remember you spend hours a day on your feet). Go for a walk or clock in a few good workouts to remind yourself, “you’re stronger than you think!”
  4. Food and fashion prep. The first days back to work don’t have to be miserable. Save yourself time (and morning chaos) by pre-packing meals and setting aside outfits for the week. Don’t forget to check the forecast — there’s nothing worse than sweating it out while your students are at recess. Wear layers to accommodate the wide-spread range of temperatures and pack energy-boosting snacks to help you make it through the long afternoons.
  5. Phone a friend. Maybe you’ve been avoiding colleagues or “work friends” like the plague, but it’s time to strengthen your ties. Remember your peers are an incredible resource. Spend some time on the phone or at a coffee shop talking about winter break activities, New Year’s goals, and/or upcoming content areas. Revitalizing these relationships will leave you feeling more prepared to walk back through the halls of your school community.

Simple enough, right? We’re wishing you the happiest New Year and trusting you’ll make this the best professional year yet.

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