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Maybe you missed an episode or two, or maybe you’re just late to the game entirely. Whatever your story, it’s time to catch up on “3Ps in a Pod” before season two goes live.


If you’re just learning about “3Ps in a Pod,” all you need is 131 minutes to fully commit. Our guess is you binge-watch Netflix or scroll through social media for (at least) that amount of time each week. So, why not use roughly 26 minutes, seven times to engage in a professional (and fun) conversation that will enhance your teaching practice?

We get it: Being an educator in the 21st century is complex. There’s a constant pressure to meet standards and help students achieve, but there’s also a need to facilitate student creativity. How can you do it all?

The Arizona K12 Center believes effective teaching and learning is grounded in quality teacher development and teacher leadership. To support educators along the continuum, the Center developed “3Ps in a Pod” to further dissect Practice, Policy, and Passion in the field of education. Voiced by Danielle Brown, Donnie Dicus, Mary Field, and Angelia Ebner, the organization’s professional learning directors and the associate director of programs, our show features numerous guests with ideas, perspectives, and stories relevant to educators’ work both in and out of the classroom.

This is a conversation, not a lecture. There’s no need to cram for a pop quiz, but we hope you’ll pledge to be a lifelong learner.

Ready to listen? You can stream the podcast on iTunes or listen through Libsyn, anywhere and anytime you’d like.

Episode 1: Teacher Leadership

In this first episode, we introduce two of our four co-hosts, Mary Field and Danielle Brown. In addition, we hear from Arizona’s first National Board Certified Teacher and the Executive Director of the Arizona K12 Center, Dr. Kathy Wiebke. Together, the trio discusses the importance of teacher leadership, and its impact on students and professionals.

Episode 2: Teacher Voice

Two our four co-hosts, Angelia Ebner and Donnie Dicus, interview Arizona’s 2018 Teacher of the Year, Josh Meibos. Together, they discuss seizing leadership opportunities and inspiring others to do so, as well.

Episode 3: Restorative Practice

Let’s talk about the importance of building strong relationships in education. First, Mary and Angelia share their best tactics for making classrooms like a second home for learners. Next, they interview Dr. Dominique Smith, a leading expert on the topic of restorative practice. Together, the three discuss what it means to make relationships a top priority, in order to enhance efficacy and student success.

Episode 4: Arizona’s School Letter Grades

Students aren’t the only ones anxiously awaiting their grades — schools are too. State law requires all Arizona district and charter schools be assessed and given a letter grade by the Department of Education. Chris Kotterman, the Arizona School Board Association’s director of governmental affairs shares why the “report card” should include more than test scores.

Episode 5: Holidays in the Classroom

Holidays in the classroom can look and feel different for everyone. What might be a jolly season for some, may leave others feeling confused, excluded, and undervalued. Listen, as we discuss the importance of inclusive and thoughtful classroom planning. Donnie and Mary hear personal stories from two teachers in the Creighton School District, Marie Twist and Kendall Gooden.

Episode 6: Restorative Justice Transforming Our Schools

Elma Dzanic joins us to discuss restorative justice practices in the Phoenix Union High School District. As an alumna of her school community, Dzanic brings a unique perspective — she came to the United States as a 12-year-old refugee from Bosnia during a time when Phoenix was “broken and fragmented.”

Episode Seven: Power of Educator Self-Care

Marian Mellen is a former teacher and founder of the Zen Bird, a company whose goal is to help individuals find deep connections through intentional practices. Together, let’s pledge to break the mold of what we “should be.” Instead, let’s listen to our educator-turned-entrepreneur peer who encourages professionals to be their best, authentic selves, which will help us best serve the students in our classroom.

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