Finding Time By Giving Time

Time management is a skill that transcends many professions, Angela Watson’s podcasts supports finding time, by giving up a little to listen.


Angela Watson, a National Board Certified Teacher, has made it her work “to create resources that make teaching more effective, efficient, and enjoyable” as shared on her website. Angela’s contributions have been shared on Homeroom over the past few years, from her books to podcasts.

Angela’s work has inspired my work as an educator, specifically through her podcasts. As a role model educator, I spent many days on the road, and podcasts became commonplace on my journey.

The podcast series, Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers, has supported my work as an educator. Through giving time, in listening to the podcasts, I have found ways to center myself, focus my thoughts, and reflect on areas of growth. Angela’s podcasts are authentic, they have mirrored my experience as an educator. They are reflective, Angela’s questioning and thoughts, have pushed me to examine my practice and move it forward.

These podcasts are not only available through audio, but Angela provides a transcript for each episode. I have used these transcripts to reflect on quotes that resonate with me, as well as to reflect on questions she posed in the podcasts.

Angela also provides free training, in the form of podcasts, about the 40-hour work week. These podcasts are full of tips and tricks that support educators in using their time more efficiently. By giving my time to her podcasts, she’s given me countless strategies to implement in my life and classroom.

As you embark on the journey of a new year, Angela reminds us to take time for ourselves in order to be the best that we can be for the profession and our students. Consider reflecting, listening, and planning your year with support from Angela.

After all, by giving time you may find some time of your own.

Author: Danielle Brown, NBCT

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