Learn why you and your students should buddy up to campus police officer.


We won’t make the joke about police officers, doughnuts, and coffee. In the midst of tragic campus shootings, school administrators are working to ensure schools are safe — there’s no better time to get acquainted with your school’s resource officer (SRO). Officer Matt Long from Osborn Middle School tells us five reasons why teachers should add the SROs to their circle of friends.

  1. Help students humanize the person behind the profession by inviting the SRO into your classroom. Police officers are human too. Just like students often think teachers live in their classrooms, they might think an officer’s uniform and badge is their permanent attire. News flash — officers are not always on the run to catch criminals!
  1. Teach students to respect authority. This doesn’t have to contradict the note above. By inviting the SRO into your classroom, you’ll show students that police officers should be given respect. Students’ parents and guardians might even thank you for doing so.
  1. Let the SRO teach a lesson or two! The general population may not know that police officers have to test into a SRO position. Part of their training includes how to work with students in a school setting. So let them take over and teach your students a thing or two about law, government and more!
  1. Dodge the Q&A! Do you ever get tired of answering student questions? Perhaps you don’t feel well versed in a particular subject or current events. Allow the campus SRO to provide his or her feedback and perspective, as someone in law enforcement.
  1. Remind your students (and maybe even yourself) that campus should be a safe place. Should you or your students ever feel unsafe or threatened, always feel free to call upon your SRO for assistance and advice.

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  • Dianne SNYDER says:

    Thank you for this article. With all of the problems schools are having these days I can’t imagine they wouldn’t take advantage of the knowledge and expertise these SROs could provide. I totally support any school’s decision to have a SROS on their campus.

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