A Must: Tony Vincent’s #ClassyGraphics Class Review

Need convincing? Here are five reasons to take Tony Vincent’s online #ClassyGraphics course.


This summer,  during Arizona K12 Center’s Camp Plug and Play 12.0, I heard about Tony Vincent’s Classy Graphics course. At first, I thought about putting the course into the “when I have extra time pile.” In reality, as educators, we know it’s really the “never get to pile.” However, when I started to explore #ClassyGraphics tweets, the price for the course, and then reflected on how much I admire Tony Vincent’s work (and really, let’s be honest, how much I adore Tony in general), I decided to toss in the towel and register. I had a busy summer ahead with other professional learning scheduled, but his past students’ reviews left me believing I would be missing out on a quality learning experience that I could regret not signing up for… oh boy, was I sure right!

To appeal, design, and interact with such a diverse population of educators, from all over the world, it took mindfulness and creativity on Tony’s end. In fact, Tony explains, “I didn’t want to just publish a video tutorial and never see the results. So when I heard that Google Classroom was open for personal accounts, I thought it would be a great place to gather a group of educators to learn, create, and share.”

Don’t miss out on Tony’s next Classy Graphics course taking place September 19 through October 31, 2017.  Here are five reasons why you should join in.

5 Reasons for Taking #ClassyGraphics with Tony Vincent:

  1. Collaboration: Through specific tools, Tony maximizes opportunities to engage with classmates. Utilizing Flipgrid, class posts, and the Google Suite comment tool, as students, we constantly received various perspectives, ideas, and questions both through writing and speaking to one another. I found this to be the most interactive virtual learning environment I’ve experienced. Tony says, “I want to embrace the same great teaching and learning practices I use when in person online. That includes building relationships. It’s harder to do online, but videos on Flipgrid have helped. It’s easy to record, share, and reply to selfie videos.”
  1. Feedback: Tony provides feedback on every assignment. Essentially, Tony becomes a consultant on our projects (very cool!). His feedback is thoughtful, strategic, and allows us to enhance our assignments. He explains, “Timely feedback is powerful. I promised my students in the class that I would give them feedback and answer questions within 24 hours. I always try to beat that goal because I know that some are waiting for feedback before moving on. And, I know that feedback is more meaningful when given immediately.”
  1. Resources: There is no lack of free resources Tony shares weekly. For example, in Week 4, the focus was on selecting colors. I think he shared at least five different online tools, outside of the Google Suite. With Tony’s video, I was able to preview them all, explore a few that interested me, and integrate the use of a couple that worked for my learning style.
  1. Pedagogy: This class capitalized on what we know about adult learning. It was tailored to meet diverse learner needs. For example, I wasn’t able to spend more than 3 to 4 hours a week on the course. If I had another few hours, I know my needs would have been met through additional optional practice assignments, increased collaboration among classmates, or trying out tools that I didn’t have the chance to explore. All the while, Tony is providing constructive feedback and ideas for every submitted assignment. It was a fun, safe, rich learning experience. Tony adds, “A big advantage with an online class is that participants can work at their own pace. When in a workshop, everyone gets the same amount of time to work before the class moves on. Online participants can take as much time as they need before moving on.”
  1. Tony Vincent’s Street Cred: About once a week, early in the morning, I would open the class and click on the weekly video. Every. Single. Time. I would be happy to see Tony’s smiling face, kind tone, and humbleness around his talents. Obviously, his content knowledge, creativity, and talents in graphic design allow him the ability to create the class. I think his rapport with his students, above all else, was what made this class so meaningful to me.

If you’re already sold on this opportunity and would like to register, click here! You can also check out past student’s recorded testimonials.

Author: Mary Field, NBCT

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