Why I Teach

When you’re caught between Netflix binging, lounging, and the need to plan for the upcoming school year, teachers should turn to one another for professional rejuvenation. As if you needed more heat this summer, allow us to introduce you to Northern Arizona University education students and alumni who will reignite your teaching fire within a matter of minutes.


Since its inception, the Arizona K12 Center has been a part of the Northern Arizona University (NAU) College of Education. In an attempt to revitalize educators’ passion for their work, the video below made its debut at the 2017 There’s A Reason I’m A Teacher (TARIAT) Conference in Flagstaff where hundreds of NAU Lumberjacks learned from some of the state’s greatest teacher leaders.

In the midst of your summer break, take a few minutes to hear why learners and professionals in the field are dedicated to serving Arizona’s students. The video might help you find the balance between vacation mode and prepping for the 2017–18 school year. Whether you are a first-year student or a 30-year teaching veteran, it might be the boost you need to keep your cool in the heat of summer.

Need more motivation? The Arizona K12 Center’s YouTube Channel is filled with inspirational stories and clips that will entertain and inspire you. Bookmark the page or check out more videos now!


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