Library Resources

Libraries are more than just books, they offer a ton of other resources too.


Hitting the library? Don’t skip the stacks! But you should know that’s not the only resource our libraries offer. Whether it’s your school or public library, you can find a multitude of resources beyond the shelves.

  1. Homework Tutoring: Many city libraries offer homework tutoring services to local students. Here is just one example from the Pima Public Library. Check your nearest library and see if they offer tutoring for your students.
  1. Learning Languages: Learning a language is difficult, but there are products that help. You might just have access to them through your school library! For example, Maryvale High School offers access to the Rosetta Stone.
  1. Learn to Code: If you have students who are interested in computers, they might find the perfect class at their local library. The Phoenix Public Library offers coding lessons at several locations.
  1. Build a Comic Book: Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine — comic book heroes are all the rage these days. Why shouldn’t students write their own story? The Phoenix Public Library offers fun workshops like this for students of all ages.
  1. Kids Crafts: So maybe comics aren’t for everyone, but that’s not the limit. Most libraries offer a variety of creative classes. The Pima County Public Library, for example, offers Kids Crafternoon! This is a fun crafting opportunity for kids and tweens (Bonus: all supplies are provided!).
  1. For Future Architects: The Flagstaff Public Library hosts a Lego club for kindergartners through fifth graders. This helps students build fine motor skills, promotes creativity, and even helps improve literacy while students work through instructions.
  1. Game Time: Some libraries have events focused on gaming. For example, the Flagstaff Public Library offers Game Day, an event with video and table top games. This could be a great opportunity for students to meet other kids their age. Plus, it’s just one more way to get them to the library and, hopefully, they’ll pick up a book while they’re there!


Want to learn more about libraries? Meet Kristina Santiago, Ms. Library, and find out how she encourages reading and literacy as a librarian.

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