Where will the $680 million go?


Arizona Superintendent Diane Douglas is “cautiously optimistic” about the future of Arizona’s education system in her Jan. 18 state of education speech.

“We stand on the cusp, the precipice, of either taking a bold step forward to restore Arizona to national prominence or stumbling and remaining a system with inadequate funding, federal interference and over-regulation,” Douglas said, as reported in the Arizona Republic.

In November, Douglas debuted a funding proposal for Arizona education, which would give public schools $680 million for items such as teacher raises and new school buses. Here’s how the budget breaks down:

  • $200 million: No strings attached funding
  • $140 million: A 5-percent increase in teacher salaries
  • $60 million: Combined rural transportation and teacher recruitment
  • $280 million: Capital funding for schools

Learn more about the plan on the AZ Kids Can’t Wait website, or watch this video from the Arizona Republic.

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