Resource Roundup

We curate the week’s best teacher resources, whether lesson plans, book lists, or perfect printables.


November, we know you’re busy. But in lots of ways, you’re the best kind of full calendar there is: cooler weather, fall feasting, and constant reminders to count our blessings. In between the hustle and bustle, here are a few resources to tuck up your sleeve.

  1. Teachers, too, should think before they speak. Here are 10 rhetorical questions teachers shouldn’t ask — and their more effective alternatives.
  2. Looking for your next big read, or a link to send to someone who may need a holiday gift-giving hint? This post has you covered with 15 books that will make you a better teacher.
  3. Is your lesson a ‘Grecian urn’? This probing podcast will get you thinking about your own lesson planning.
  4. What would you add to this blogger’s list of 10 mistakes teachers make?
  5. If you’re dealing with disorderly conduct, head over and read these four foolproof strategies for disruptive behavior.
  6. Make the most of your SMART Board with these illustrated tips.
  7. Run your classroom more efficiently with these five priorities of classroom management.
  8. Looking to introduce persuasive writing to elementary students? How about talking about fact versus opinion or how to put together a table of contents? Check out these simple, teacher-created YouTube videos.
  9. Getting from the classroom to lunch, specials, or the library can be easier said than done. Head this way to read up on surviving hallway transitions.
  10. Here’s a fresh take on an old strategy: social media exit tickets.


Hope you enjoyed the tips, tricks, and inspiration. See you soon with the final roundups of 2016!

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