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We curate the week’s best teacher resources, whether lesson plans, book lists, or perfect printables.


‘Tis the season … to save a buck where you can! In this week’s roundup, we’re taking a look at savvy shopping and frugal teaching.

  1. You’re welcome! 11 teacher discounts for every occasion
  2. …and here’s a list of local teacher deals.
  3. Whether you’ve got kids outside of school or you’re looking for something cool to share with parents, here’s a go-to list of AZ restaurants that offer no-cost (or nearly-free) kids dining.
  4. Save money on presents this year with these inexpensive (and adorable) gift ideas.
  5. Put young minds to work with STEM ideas on a budget.
  6. Need to unwind without forking over cash? Consider one of these 101 frugal ways to relax.
  7. If your wardrobe could use some sprucing up, check out these 10 tips for dressing well on a teacher budget.
  8. How about 52 weeks of free science experiments for elementary school? Enough said.
  9. Click this way for 17 teacher-tested ways to find free or cheap stuff for your classroom.
  10. Get inspired with the creativity behind these dollar store deals for music teachers.
  11. Looking to celebrate Thanksgiving on a budget? Here are seven tips.


Cheers to a happier wallet!

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