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Oh, sweet September. Perhaps it’s the still-eager and summer-energized students. Maybe it’s the much needed promise of cooler weather. Wherever September’s magic comes from, something about this month swells with hope.

In this roundup, our focus turns to the littlest of learners. Read on for tips, tricks, and clicks geared for preschool to third-grade students.


  1. Nonverbal communication can build trust and confidence in learners. Check out 6 hand signals that bring learning to life.
  2. 10 science experiments to do with Jello. How cool are these?
  3. Teach shape recognition by building Corduroy the bear.
  4. Get those little hands moving with these hands-on literacy and math centers.
  5. Here’s a post with great ideas on getting and utilizing classroom volunteers.
  6. So many ideas! 25 clever classroom tips for elementary school students.
  7. For a fun, fall-inspired craft perfect for teaching Native American history, learning patterns, or celebrating Thanksgiving (not to mention those budding fine motor skills), follow along with this easy video showing how to basketweave with construction paper.
  8. Love Play Dough? Us, too. Try using it with sticks and shape cards to explore geometry.
  9. These awesome ideas for teaching the solar system — including how to create a sundial out of Legos — are out of this world.
  10. Dozens of fall craft ideas? Say no more!
  11. Head this way for eight science YouTube channels for kids.
  12. Sigh! This adorable way to showcase student work stopped us in our tracks.
  13. Want to take advantage of election day learning opportunities? Check out these nine picture books about election day.
  14. Don’t miss these tips and tricks for improving math facts fluency.
  15. Tackle the fidgets with these easy ways to make brain breaks successful in your classroom.


Happy clicking! We’ll see you back here soon for another resource roundup.

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