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There may not be anything so savory as waking up without an alarm clock’s buzz. Summer is stretched out before us, and we’re in full-fledged flip-flop mode. Feeling clicky? Enjoy this week’s juicy crop of links gathered with replenishment and inspiration in mind.

  1. Think book clubs are just for the bigger kids? Think again with this blog’s post, which reveals a fun how-to for book clubs in first grade.
  2. If you teach in the middle grades, you’ll truly appreciate these 50 tips, tricks, and ideas for fourth grade.
  3. Prepare yourself to lead an emotionally safe classroom next year with these tips for handling hateful words in the classroom.
  4. Using summer break to streamline your lesson plans? You’ve got to read this crazy helpful guide for planning your year.
  5. Check out these brilliant ideas for teaching STEM to students with special needs.
  6. We’ve all said things that sounded better in our heads. Here’s a list of one blogger’s ridiculously unhelpful things to say to students and how she hopes to oust them from her speech.
  7. Teach history? You’ve got to check out this giggle-inducing view of what U.S. history would have been like with hashtags.
  8. You can definitely get behind this teacher’s guide to the perfect summer in 15 simple steps.
  9. We’re big fans of interactive notebooks. Check out this blog’s organized, student-centered post about how to use interactive notebooks for high school ELA.
  10. Break is a great time to get organized. Be sure to brush up on these 30 ways to feel prepared in the classroom.


See you soon for another round up of teacher-centric motivation, laughs, and topics to ponder!

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