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Who’s counting down the days until summer vacation? All of us! Take a break from grading finals and the end of the year chaos to join us for this week’s clickable reads.

  1. No way! Check out this robot designed to teach kids how to code.
  2. OK, millennial teachersthese 15 pictures will have you reminiscing about your own days as a grade school student.
  3. If you’re looking for some summer project inspiration, these 36 DIY ways to decorate your classroom should do the trick.
  4. Got a classroom full of happy campers? Take attendance with this cute SmartBoard freebie.
  5. Upper-level math students can be notorious for forgetting their calculators. With this loaner, you won’t have to worry about your spare getting stolen! We’re almost serious…
  6. Texting in class may not be such a bad idea when you’re using fake messages for engaging lessons.
  7. We’re loving this inner cities poetry arts project.
  8. Newbies and vets alike can beat the Sunday night blues with these four tips.
  9. Here’s a quick checklist of five must-do end of the year tasks for every teacher.


Happy browsing!

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