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Oh, hello there. Fancy meeting you in this corner of the internet. We’ve got a fresh crop of links aimed at getting you inspired, thinking, and renewed.

  1. How’d we miss these? Check out these hilarious teacher New Year’s resolutions from the Pensive Sloth.
  2. You’ve got to read this powerful article on emotions and their place in the English classroom.
  3. Little Benny jammed the pencil sharpener again? Here are some suggestions for what to do when students mishandle supplies.
  4. We’re loving this educator’s list of 21 things every 21st century teacher should do this year.
  5. We’re thanking this blog for their weekly Freebie Friday collections from around the web…
  6. …and this blog for 30 pages of free Earth Day activities.
  7. Google Docs — in math. Sign us up!
  8. We teachers are self-professed nerds. So when it comes to this boutique full of intellectual (think STEM) jewelry? We. Can’t. Even.


Here’s to April showers and May flowers, to acing this last semester, and counting down to pool floaties and drinks with umbrellas . See you next month!

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