See how your web habits match up to other teachers.


The internet can be great for sharing memes, life updates, and pinning classroom activities til the wee hours (you know who you are). But sometimes in the classroom it can be a distraction for students, or leave them with quick, easy answers.

Across the country, an overwhelming amount of teachers say they benefit from the internet by using it to access content and resources. It also helps to share ideas with other teachers that may not be in Arizona.

Now for the downside. EdTechReview reports that 76 percent of teachers say search engines have conditioned students to expect information to be found quickly and easily. Because of this, 71 percent of teachers agree that today’s digital technologies actually discourage students from finding and using a wide range of resources for their research.

Do you see the same resources repeated for projects? Share in the comments below how you encourage your students to spend more time and research more thoroughly on projects.


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