Arizona TeacherSolutions® Team

Teach. Lead. Leverage.

In 2011, the Arizona K12 Center launched the Arizona TeacherSolutions® 2030 Team. In this exciting endeavor, we gathered together 20 solutions-focused teacher leaders from across the state, willing to push themselves to think outside of what is; and begin looking towards what could be.

Months of deliberation and study led the Arizona TeacherSolutions® Team to create an innovative vision for the future of Arizona’s schools. Their ideas were vetted to over 100 educators and administrators in order to seek practical ideas around how to make this vision a reality. With the recommendations of a distinguished panel of policy makers and educational leaders representing the Arizona Department of Education, the Arizona State Board of Education, Expect More Arizona, and the United States Department of Education (USDOE), our first special report entitled Journey to 2030: Our Vision for the Future of Teaching and Learning, was co-authored by the Arizona K12 Center and the Center for Teaching Quality (CTQ), with support from Northern Arizona University (NAU).

The Arizona K12 Center, under the expert leadership of Dr. Dennis Shirley and Dr. Andrew Hargreaves, and with feedback from teachers and administrators from around the state helped create another special report in 2013-2014 entitled, Journey to 2030: Global Perspectives and Anchoring Illustrations.

Each year following a report was vetted to teachers in diverse communities and contexts for their feedback and unique perspectives. Our next report will be published on June 19-21, 2018 at the Thirteenth Annual Teacher Leadership Institute: Cultivating Professional Excellence by Creating Equitable Conditions for Sustainable Change. Our current Arizona Teacher Solutions Team, the Arizona K12 Center, and various local and national partners are coming together to plan an extraordinary event with the focus on leveraging teacher leaders to promote systemic changes in their schools and contexts.

As we navigate the future of teaching and learning in Arizona, we will face many challenges that are not necessarily unique. WE can learn from one another by sharing our stories. We believe that together, we can become part of the solution. These special reports outline ways in which teachers, parents, administrators, community members, business leaders, and policymakers, can get involved in creating a better future for all students. By enacting the recommendations from these special reports, we can all walk this important journey towards a stronger vision for teaching and learning together!